How UTHHAN helps Artisans?

The main reason for degradation of artisan community was the uneven distribution of profit by middlemen and distributors to the makers. UTHHAN is the first initiative in India,where profit from sales goes to the artisan,who creates the marvel.

UTHHAN will eliminate the role of middlemen and distributors and the products directly reaches the end users from artisans with out any hassles through our platform.

UTHHAN till Now

  1. UTHHAN phase 1 launched as UTHHAN STORE, in our online shopping site
  2. Enrollment of more than 2000 artisan families already completed
  3. Artisan Identification Card(AID) issue, has started to families Under the scheme
  4. NGOs and artisan organisations are helping us to identify & enroll artisans across India
  5. Wide array of products from artisan families are already displayed
  6. UTHHAN is already giving revenue to more than 50 artisan families
  7. UTHHAN toll free number is inaugurated by Shri.P.J Kurian(Deputy speaker,Rajyasabha) which is helping the underprivileged artisan families to contact us and share their ideas directly with out any middlemen.
  8. Online Registration for Artisans under the Scheme is available
  9. Online Sales Tracking for Artisans under the Scheme is available

UTHHAN future Projections

  1. Setting up industrial sheds for bulk manufacturing
  2. UTHHAN outlets across major cities in India
  3. 5000 families under the project
  4. Educational scholarships,Life insurance and housing for at least 500 families
  5. Setting up colleges for artisans with skill related courses
  6. Job for atleast 1000 graduted Artisan youths under the scheme