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Welcome to Uthhan

(An initiative of GERG)

Born in April 2012, Uthhan is a joint initiative between Uthhan Charitable Trust, different artisan community organizations and GERG (Golden Era Royal Group) for the upliftment of financially weaker segment of skilled artisans across India. It has been observed that value of an artisan product depends on the way of presentation apart from quality, which is an alien territory for a skilled worker. As an effort to overcome this obstacle the products from the skilled workers will be displayed in various retail outlets exclusively allotted under the banner of the project with the help of government bodies.

Global exposure and coverage of the finished products will increase the value and reach. Government aided programmes and effective marketing strategies will be implemented for the success of the project through eminent personalities in the community.

Uthhan is the first initiative in India where the profit from sales goes directly to the respective skilled workers. Project eliminates the role of middlemen and other illegal financial exploitation which kept a monster sum of skilled workers in India in dark and never ending financial agony.

This effort will unify all type of skilled workers across India which will lead a new ray of hope for the community to fight for their rightful cause with out fear.