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Uthhan Educational Council


Uthhan Educational Council ( UEC ) is set up by Uthhan Charitable Trust to create a curriculum and educational framework for Indian Handicraft segments. The committee members will be working towards creating a comprehensive framework for the younger generation. This will create an opportunity for veteran artisans to share their knowledge to the next generation. The effort will highlight our ancient methodologies which are far more superior than modern day procedures. The curriculum will aid artisans to use technological platform for marketing their products in to a global market.


  1. Identifying and listing out all type of Indian Handicraft categories.
  2. Documenting the craft making procedures of Indian handicraft segments.
  3. Creating the educational framework as per the policies of Government.
  4. Grouping of similar artforms and craft making procedures.
  5. Identifying and listing of tools used for craft making.
  6. Creating a job oriented syllabus with a pragmatic approach.
  7. Giving emphasis to the ancient craft making methodologies with a minimal usage of modern technologies.
  8. Identifying and listing the rawmaterials for Craft Making.
  9. Minimising the gap between craft makers and end users by introducing marketing tools, technological literacy and basic English.
  10. Creating reference books, study materials and Syllabus based books.
  11. Creating the basic requirements to implement the syllabus in an institutional set up.

Uthhan Initiative

Uthhan Educational Council

  • Mrs. Anita Bose
  • Chairperson

Mrs. Anita Bose, born in Kolkata, a devout follower of Swami Vivekananda, currently lives in Kolkata. She has an M.A in Bengali Literature from Burdwan University. Further endeavors in Appreciation of Indian Art, Indology,Ramakrishna, and Vivekananda movement were completed from Kavi Kul guru Kalidas University, Nagpur, and Golpark Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, respectively. In addition to this she studied Fashion Designing and Textile Designing from Bhawanipur Educational society. She enriched her repertoire by completing a special course of Guiding from Bangkok National Museum.Anita is also one of the prominent author. She wrote her first bilingual book Patachitra of Odisha and Jagannath Culture, published in 2018, a prominent effort in the history of Indian traditional art. Her 2nd bilingual book Ramayana Footprints In South-East Asian Culture and Heritage- (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos , Cambodia, Myanmar)published in 2019. She also wrote her 3rd book SAPTAPADI & OTHER STORIES published on 2020 during the pandemic period in kindle format. For the last 6 years, she has been spreading the culture and heritage of Southeast Asia along with India to the people of many countries of the world as the only Indian Guide of South East Asia’s most important museum.

As an independent researcher, she is trying to discover the historical footprints and impact on both ancient and contemporary culture. For several years she has dedicated herself to research in a vast yet unexplored domain of Indian influence on Southeast Asian Culture and history along with other findings of the traditional art form of India.

From 2012 onwards, as an author she has devoted herself to the extensive study of Indian culture, Art, Heritage and its influence in South East Asia. Many renowned research journals, popular magazines and newspapers published her writeups in India, Thailand and Bali. Her research papers are discussed and appreciated by various eminent institutions of India and Thailand. Presently, she is associated with Ayodhya research Institute ,Lucknow , Uttarpradesh. She joined Uthhan to revive and upgrade the dying artforms of India.

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