Sell With Us

“Uthhan is a joint initiative between different artisan communities and for upliftment of financially weaker segment of skilled artisans across India.” Sell your artisan products easily with Uthhan seller board. Uthhan is India’s only marketplace for selling and buying handicraft products. As an Uthhan seller, you can showcase your products and make them to sell. Be it a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier, you can simply sell your products through online on Uthhan. Selling on Uthhan is easy process. All you need is to Register, list your products and start selling.

Sales Process of Uthhan

  1. Identifying the artisan family.
  2. Enrolment by filling up Uthhan form.
  3. ID and address proof documents of the family.
  4. Generation of AID (Artisan Identification number, a unique code generated by the system).
  5. Products uploading by Artisans and banking procedure.
  6. Get orders from customers.
  7. Packing and delivery from an Artisan locality to the customer.
  8. Artisan’s share of profit directly sends to Uthhan account (bank account created by Uthhan).